3D Aerospace SASU

3D Aerospace SASU is a young and dynamic company hosted in the premises of the campus of the French engineering school Ecole des Mines d’Albi. 3D Aerospace engineers have a core expertise in space industry and especially in the Galileo programme. For this grant, 3D Aerospace will act as consortium lead and will be focus on the mechanical and electronics development of the eMAPs platform.

École nationale de l’aviation civile (ENAC)

The SIGNAV (Signal Processing for Navigation) research group of ENAC has a worldwide recognized technical and operational expertise in all fields and systems (current and under development) related to the use of GNSS by civil aviation: SBAS, GBAS, ABAS (RAIM, AAIM, ARAIM). The SIGNAV research group has developed a strong expertise regarding land applications requiring a navigation platform with a high quality of service for safety, liability or financial reasons. The SIGNAV research group is also strongly involved in the development of low-cost precise positioning platforms for urban environments. The SIGNAV research group has published over 150 papers, supervised over 27 PhD students and cooperated in more than 70 expertise contracts since its creation in 1993.

Université Gustave Eiffel

Gustave Eiffel University (Université Gustave-Eiffel) is since January 1st 2020, a French university under the Academy of Créteil that is specialized in the study of cities and transportation. It is located in the Cité Descartes in Marne la Vallée and will result from bringing together a university (UPEM), a research institute (IFSTTAR), a school of architecture (EAVT) and three engineering schools (EIVP, ENSG and ESIEE Paris). It will be responsible for a quarter of French research on the cities of tomorrow and bring together multidisciplinary skills in order to conduct high-quality research for the good of society, provide training tailored to meet socio-economic needs and support public policies.


SYNYO is a research-based company focusing on research, innovation and technology located in Vienna, Austria. SYNYO explores, develops and implements novel methods, approaches, technologies and solutions in various domains with a particular focus on tackling societal, political, ecological and economic challenges. SYNYO analyses the impact of emerging technologies from different angles and from an interdisciplinary perspective. The team at SYNYO consists of 25 highly skilled employees specialized in various scientific and technical fields such as Social Sciences, Safety & Security, Energy & Sustainability, Urban Future, Smart Technologies, Smart Health, or Digital Systems.


SYNYO has access to a vast network of knowledge including research institutions, networking organisations, technology providers and industry leaders being well connected within the scientific community and will provide own research and innovation network platforms in the near future. In 2015 and 2016, SYNYO was among the Top 3 most successful research-oriented SMEs in Austria (H2020 Performance Monitor by FFG-the Austrian Research Promotion Agency).